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He wants to get to know me.. or is it simply business?

Today the cable guy came over, to "fix" my connection, cause apparently its "good" even though I lag like crazy on xbl. BUT anyways.. This cable guy - CUTE. He looks super young.. he cannot pass the age of 20. When I opened the door I didn't expect him to be so cute, so I was kinda shocked.. you know? Young and cute as a cable guy.. idk, I just didn't expect it. We looked at each other for at least 3 seconds.. It was like we spoke with our eyes.. and we both smiled at each other.. So I explained to him the problem with my connection.. he didn't get to fix it cause he said it was fine, it's a problem outside. When he left, he explained to me why my connection was like that.. but he didn't want to look me in the eyes.. it was like he was scared, or shy. I found it so cute, before he left he asked me if I wanted his number - DUH, lol. So he wrote it down for me with his name on it.. while he was writing it I noticed a ring on his hand, it's so weird.. he is so young and married? He told me "If you have any problem, CALL ME. Not Cable Vision. I'll let my supervisor know and he can take a look at it" First of all, I think that's wrong.. Don't you think I should call the company for any issues, instead of calling him on his CELLPHONE.. maybe he wants to get to know me? He has my number because after he left he called me again to ask some more about my connection. I srsly cannot believe he is married! It didn't really look like a wedding ring.. looked different, but it was plain and gold. For some reason, I can't stop thinking about him. I wonder if he thinks about me. He seemed so shy, and he was blushing the whole time.. unless his cheeks are naturally pink lol. SO guys, what do you think? He wants to get to know me.. or is it simply business?
He wants to get to know me.. or is it simply business?
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