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Is this a something more than a hookup?

Basically when I was 15 I met my first love, I am now 21 years old and in the five years we've been broken up we've tried getting back together and such, as well as hooking up. He is in the military so I rarely get to see him, he's very honest, blunt if you will and in the past 4 months I'm the only person he has slept with. He talks to me nearly every day and we fool around over video chat and so on. We've always been best friends and there was never any closure in our past relationship. So what got me thinking about this is I was talking to him the other day and he says "I've been thinking about having some sort of relationship" this was not directed towards me nor anyone else, and after he said it he basically tried to take it back, and justify why he didn't need one lol.

I've never stopped having feelings for this guy, so basically what I want to know is guys what is your honest opinion on the situation.
Is this a something more than a hookup?
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