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How does my ex feel?

So... I posted another question on here before, about my ex and I... basically, we got into it, and I physically hurt her, yes, I've posted about this before, but this is only slightly related.

Thing is, she told me that if I wrote her again, she'd block me, this was a few weeks ago... I wrote her on Saturday and told her that I was getting help and working on myself and trying to work things out, and that I missed her and loved her and stuff... and that even if she responded positively to my message, it would still be a few weeks before I felt like I was stable enough to try to be together again... and she hasn't replied (I know she's been on because her profile pic has changed twice), but she also hasn't deleted me.

Is she waiting to see if I really will try and change? Does she still love me?
How does my ex feel?
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