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Where do I find smart and attractive girls?

Where do I find smart and attractive girls.

Please do not say college. We all know not all girls who go to college are smart. Also, not all of the most attractive girls are in college either.

So where do I go to find very attractive girls, who are smart? I am not saying like multiple degrees smart. I just mean not chasing losers who treat them terrible and/or ruining their lives with drugs, alcohol and getting pregnant way too young.

So, smart enough to make good decisions, and very attractive?

Please tell me if I am seriously considering or looking for something that is impossible.

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Let me be clearer on attractive. I mean incredibly sexy body, gorgeous face and eyes and takes care of themselves health wise.

I do not mean attractive personality or attractive lifestyle. I mean physically very attractive.

Please do not judge me for being shallow or anything here, I am expressing the attractiveness to give clarity to my point.

thank you
Where do I find smart and attractive girls?
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