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Ex not coming online at all?

my ex boyfriend used to be a regular and frequent visitor on Facebook, and chatting etc, but ever since we broke up around one and a half month back, he has simply stopped coming online!i know that he is not invisible, he is simply not online Because he has no updates or no activity on fb. we are friends on each others friends lists and if he wanted to just hide his activity from me he would have simply removed me. possibly he is trying to keep tabs on me while keeping his wall closed, but right now fb has no options of keeping your wall closed for one person only, you have to keep your wall closed or open for all your friends, that's the way it goes. I don't understand y would he keep his wall closed for all his friends if he is doing it for me.i feel he is just not coming online Because I had dropped him a email just a few days back and he hasn't even read it till now Because I m sure he would've given me some kinda reply since he had got in touch with me 15 days back through call and sms, and I Haven't replied to him on that. so it seems he wants to be in touch with me and yet he isn't online at all..that's weird . what do you think?it seems weird Because he was someone who came regularly online all this time. even if he is avoiding me, y is he avoiding me wen we have already broken up!
Ex not coming online at all?
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