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Friends or more than? Please help

So I have this guy friend we have been hanging out for almost a year now. I haven't told him I am interested yet because he has been going through a lot of things in his life lately and I don't want to push him away. He always brings up the topic of relationships either asking my opinion, saying he isn't ready, etc. I have never mentioned it or even hinted at it. I try not to be too obvious I like him because he says he isn't ready. Though I have met his mom and she loves me, his friends all like me ( a couple of them have even asked me what the story is with us) I tell them the truth that I am interested but I don't want to push or make him uncomfortable, if he is interested then when he is ready we will go from there and see what happens. We hang out almost 3-4 times a week we talk constantly, he tells me everything about his life, we talk about everything, he is very upfront with me. I sometimes feel there may be a vibe there but have been afraid to read into it because if he isn't interested I don't want to scare him off I would like him to stay my friend at least if he isn't interested. We have fun together, though he recently lost his job so we haven't hung out as much because he said he needed some space to focus on finding a job then after he would focus more on relationships, friends or whatever (his exact words). Though when I invited him to a concert he jumped at the chance right away. What do you guys think? Any advice?
Friends or more than? Please help
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