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He tells me in every other way that he cares, but won't say I LOVE YOU? Does he???

I have been with my Long distance boyfriend for 7 months. We have both had past relationships and yes, he has told one of those before that he loves them. However..He tells me that I am the most wonderful girl he has ever met. We are planning our future together (lots of obstacles in the way first though) and he has told me that I am the one he wants to be with. I have told him many times that I love him, he says he likes hearing it and he wonders if I don't say it for a few days even. BUT...Here is the deal. I was expecting him to say it a few months ago because of a comment he made which was "I am very close to feeling that way". OK great..I waited...And after we shared our 6 month I was sort of expecting it again and he said that he has certain levels in a relationship. (I might add here that he is so brutally honest with a lot of things, a very private person, and extremely diplomatic) I appreciate these traits very much...hard to find in a man cause a lot of men (no offense) will just tell women what they want to hear in order to benefit themselves. He is definitely not this way. So...Back to it...he spends time online with me EVERYDAY, I get text messages often, he has sent me a parcel with beautiful things I never expected, we talk about our future, and where we will be and what obstacles need to be beaten down first. After waiting a few more weeks, I finally confronted him about this. Much to my disappointment...I ended up crying for 3 days because I wasn't sure how to take his response. This is what happened: I kept thinking to myself "if I am the ONE and I am the most wonderful girl he has ever met, then why has he been able to tell someone else these words, but not me?" I told him exactly this...and then asked him "is it because you aren't to that point yet or is it because there are other reasons and it is hard for you?" He said...I DON'T KNOW...and that I had told him I wouldn't pressure him about him and I should let him say it when he is ready...that his "I don't KNOW" was because he doesn't know when to say it, not that he doesn't know anything about it. I left it at that and like I said...I cried for 3 days cause I thought this was a response to shut me up. (yes, I am very analytical) I went quiet during this time and he did send me texts and sat online as I cried and comforted me through my tears, telling me I was beautiful etc. So finally we talked about why I was crying and I apologized. But...I needed to know if what he said was the truth or was it just because he got tired of the discussion. This was his final response: "i swear on my life..u are the most special person who I know in all my life now and the closest girl to me right now...and that's the truth" Now...the analytical person is saying "why did he use the word NOW?" He just said, because that is what we are living...NOW..! So...I need help. I need a man to translate this...I am scared and very much in love with him. What does all this mean? Please help!
He tells me in every other way that he cares, but won't say I LOVE YOU? Does he???
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