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Crushing on your teacher: the epitome of "awkward" and self-loathing?

I’m 18, just entered college and for some unexplainable reason, I feel a strong infatuation for my Phys/Chem teacher who not only is physically attractive, but funny, talkative, has an *amazing* smile, and seems to pay special attention to me because I'm a good student. He’s always complimenting my intelligence. He once said that I’m “beautiful inside and out.” This just confuses me.

He’s 27, unmarried, but is so mature and good at what he does that I initially thought he was older.

I, however, do NOT want a relationship with him, or any kind of association with him out of the classroom. But I just can’t help it — he’s so interesting and his personality just draws me in!

I feel so, so ashamed and awkward in his presence. When he comes near me to talk to me, my heart just seems to jump out of my chest.

What do I do? I want this "crush" to go away..
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I'm impressed by the variety of responses I'm getting. A couple of replies amused me, however and I felt the need to clarify: my attraction for my teacher is not based on “sexual desire”, more on recognition of his personality and intelligence. I see him as a reflection of who I want to be. I admire him, but for this reason I am also attracted to him. So, for those who are suggesting I just sleep with him and get it over with: no.
Crushing on your teacher: the epitome of "awkward" and self-loathing?
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