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Such a complicated and demanding girl, what to do?

Well anyway this girl's done this 2 times to me... Basically we get really close in our relationship and then she stops msging me back, stops picking up my calls and she deletes and blocks me on Facebook.

This is the Second time she's done this!

I have no idea why, last time was because this guy asked her on a fake date, then after that she started acting differently to me.

I did one time say that I was really sorry I can't talk with her because I had to go to sleep because had work in a few hours.

Her last message to me right before she blocked me out was "hi baby <3". Then I replied back with a sweet msg. After that she never said anything else to me.

Also before I would write sweet things on her wall on fb, then suddenly she deleted it all and said her dad got angry at her... I thought it was her friend that got angry at her, so since then I was forbidden from writing on her wall.

Another big factor is that I'm overseas studying now and the timezones are different, plus we can't see each other for 1 more month... Just for Christmas and new years ill be back tho. We've been apart for 8 months and I'm finally going to be coming back but she suddenly changed like this..

I have no idea what to do, but before on here people said I should just forget about her. Maybe I should have taken their advice

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I've already given her a 2nd chance... I think it's wise to not give her a 3rd chance, unless something spontaneous happens soon
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If she says that she got a Facebook account hacked, should I believe her? This is the second time this has happened and only I get deleted and my friend that only knows her through me. Just the 2 of us before and now the 2 of us again...

Shes saying I'm paranoid and likes to assume things. Yet even a few days ago she talked to me like she's a robot with no emotion
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Yup she has gotten extremely psycho to me now, she hasn't told me about how she was and how her day was since December 20, its Jan 8 now... She also go angry at me and tagged me in a post on Facebook saying to stop f***ing spamming her sms, she humiliated me on Facebook because on new years eve I was overseas still and I sent her 6 sms that weren't in a row and in a 3 hour time span. Then she did that, and a few days earlier she said that we shouldn't talk everyday.. just because I can't go back...
Such a complicated and demanding girl, what to do?
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