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My Confession... (Story of my life)

So yesterday was the day that confessed to this guy that I like him. And I really do. Months ago, Since I've first saw him(I don't know him), I've have thinking about him and how he makes me feel.

But in between those days, my mind have had been fustraded and annoyed with the fact that I can't talk to him, and only see.

And over this month I've been thinking of going up to him and tell him that I really like him. Even did a speech, but when I was there... with his attention on me... I've only said what really matter and the point of doing it.

So he was walking toward me and I was like "Its now or never" In my mind. I looked to the floor

(Cause I just couldn't look at him in the eye(I was nervous and scared)

Anyway... I put my hand out to stop him (but I didn't touch him)

He stopped... and looked at me like what's going on look.

And that's when I told him... I looked at him in the eye and said...

Me: "Can I tell you something?"

Him: "Um, Yeah."


Me: "I like you"

~he smiles while touching his hair~

Him: "Um, Thanks"

~we both smile at each other~

Me: Well, that's all I've wanted to tell you

~ awkward smile from me as he is still looking at me~

Him: OK, well...

Me: Well yeah... I'll leave you alone now... Bye :)

Him: Bye :)

Im guessing he was flattered

But Ahhh! can't stop thinking about that scene. Since we were gonna go in vacation cause of thanks giving, I was like "I should tell him on Friday so he can be thinking of me over the week"

But I'm guessing my plan backfired. I can't stop thinking about this.

I bet he didn't cared as much of what I did. He probably forgot.

Ahhh... But I did it :) I confessed I like him. Never done something that crazy for a guy. And well... I'm not gonna live my life without thinking that I've should of said something to him.


Lol, Well just wanted to share my story. :)

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My Confession... (Story of my life)
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