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How to talk to guys?

I've seen a guy and he looked at me at the beginning of the year, and then kinda stopped (who knows, maybe he's not interested anymore, but...) I want to go to talk to him... but hOW!

I'm very shy and blush around cute guys, and I have tried to catch his eye to try and smile at him or something, but he doesn't look at my face anymore?

If I were to go up to him, when should I? He's usually always hanging out with people in classes (I have 2 with him) and I don't wanna go up to him with his friends just watching me. So, when I get him alone, what should I say?

I was thinking of just asking "Are you single?" (I already know he is), and then asking if he's interested anyone and if he wants to go for coffee sometime.. I don't know, what should I say?

If there was the best way a girl could introduce herself, what'd that be?

Please help.
How to talk to guys?
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