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Confused about a guy

I met this guy at a party 2 months ago. He was a friend of a friend. We danced together, he told me that he likes me and he took my number saying that we'll definitely go out together some time. He friended me on Facebook the next day but didn't call me or messaged me for 1 week. Then he wrote on my wall asking how I was and I answered through a Facebook message that everything is great and I tried to make a conversation but he didn't reply at all. It's been 2 months since. I'm so curious of why he is ignoring me.

I'm sure he doesn't have a girlfriend because I asked our common friend. Plus, I know he had asked this friend whether I have a boyfriend or not. This common friend told him that I like him, but in the beginning he didn't believe her. He is 21, and I am 26 if that matters...

So anyway, I'm just wondering why he acted like this, he didn't get back to me after the message I had sent him. Any idea?
Confused about a guy
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