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I don't understand him at all?

I'm really, really into my guy friend. We've dated before for a few months and we've had a very intense relationship.

Lately he:

-Initiates calls more and contacts me

-Bought me nice silver jewelry to make me happy

-Said we could have sex when we saw each other. He changed his mind on this but when he saw I was sad, he said we could still kiss

-He said he feels guilty for changing his mind on me and told me he doesn't deserve the gifts I am giving him

But then,

-He told me I am not his "ideal" (even though, really, who ever finds their ideal person?)

-Said he isn't interested (even though he acts like it sometimes and seems to change his mind on this)

-Said I am tempting to him and that's why he doesn't want to see me at Christmas

We are planning another visit in a few months and he told me that if I am not over him by that time, he won't come. I think that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I'm in love with him, but he's also my best friend and I really want to see him.

I just want him to have feelings for me again and go back to flirting and stuff. What can I do?
I don't understand him at all?
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