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Why would she make plans then bail out, twice?

I have been taking to this girl some for a while and we have gone to lunch a few times. One night she texted me saying I we should go out for diner tonight. I said I'm can't right now bout how about in an hour? Then when I texted her an hour later she said the was "too tired". Then this week we were talking and asked when we were going to talk about something (It's something we've been joking about nothing serious) and she said "Possibly Friday?!" I said yeah that sounds good then I asked if she had plans Friday and she said she did but she could make time for us to hang out. I texted her Friday and we talked for a bit then after 10 or so messages back and forth she never responded.

Last week when texting she alluded to hanging out and stuff saying she would come over and help me clean my dorm and taking about stuff like hanging out.

I'm just wondering why she would do something like this and bail on me twice. She's obviously interested because she tried to hang out once and alludes to hanging out, but obviously uninterested because she won't make time for me and didn't text me back. I would alost rather her just seem completely uninterested so I knew she wasn't, but now I second guess myself making myself think she is.

I haven't texted her since she didn't respond on Friday. I'm giving up now, unless she initiates contact.
Why would she make plans then bail out, twice?
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