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Where do I stand with her?

there is this girl that I have known for about 3 months now, and I have developed some feelings for her. When I first met her, she was new at our college, and seemed like she needed a friend, someone to show her the ropes, etc. I was willing to be that friend, I remember that I was like that last year. we started to hang out more and I found out she has a boyfriend. We get dinner every night together, and hang out basically every evening, usually until 1 in the morning talking about things that matter to us, watching movies, and playing video games together.

she goes home every few weekends to ride her horse and see her family/boyfriend, but she has told me several times she doesn't really miss him. several weeks ago she found out her boyfriend had been in bed with another girl, she was really confused, and went home the next weekend to figure out what happened. her friends/he told her that he hadn't done anything, and just gave the girl a massage because she asked for one. she was skeptical, but accepted it. when she got back we talked and she told me if he did anything else she was done. last weekend she went home and he was acting really weird, and didn't go see her when she got back, but went home and got food. he generally was acting weird. earlier today she was telling me how another girl has been photographing her boyfriend as he works out. I'm so confused as to where we stand. I definitely feel for her, and everyone says she likes me, but I just don't know what to do. if she wasn't in a relationship I wouldn't be holding back, but she is so no idea what to do
Where do I stand with her?
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