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How to approach a female or have a random conversation?

So I'm going to admit, my social skills with the ladies is.. not to sharp.

I'm a terrible flirt I think, I don't know how to really flirt ..? that's my problem and I can't sense it or pick it up unless they make it obvious. I don't know how to just approach a girl and start talking because we're strangers pretty much... I've just started giving up on staying in shape and keeping a good tone, cause it's got me no dates or girlfriends. I ask myself, why put myself through so much blood & sweat.. to only be stared at or not even noticed.

No females approach me in public. It sucks and I can never tell if one is attracted or not unless they keep staring at me from a distance with a gaze and not say anything or smile.

I'm a quiet, observant, guy and can be shy at times. I've been a quiet person all my life, how do I make myself stand out to be noticed by female strangers and be approached more often?

I never go to clubs really, I find it more for a place people want a hook-up or have a 1-nighter and I'm done with 1-nighters. It's a lonely lifestyle, specially when you barely come around any girl to meet that I like.

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Forgot to add.

What would be good opening lines if I did approach a female then?
How to approach a female or have a random conversation?
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