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Will he initiate something eventually?

I am head over heals for a co-worker, and am unsure if I should initiate anything.

Signs I believe he might be interested:

- Lots or eye contact and laughs.

- He tends to follow me around trying to spook me. (usually works)

- When we run into each other on transit he will make an effort to sit next to me and chat.

- Have had some lengthy and interesting conversations that he initiated.

- He will compliment me very discretely.

Mixed Signals:

- He teases me, but does the same to other co-workers... so I feel this kind of attention shouldn't be taken as a sign.

- We have had a few brief text conversations, but he doesn't go out of his way to contact me.

I believe we have a genuinely good time while working together and as we talk when we run into each other... I have tried to hint that I like him by:

-Always try to look well put together

-Flirty games at work (impromptu games and touches)

-Lots of smiles and laughter, and eye contact

-a few compliments here and there.

If I wait long enough, will he initiate something?
Will he initiate something eventually?
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