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What can I do about confusion over how the date ended?

This weekend I had dates #1 and #2 (Friday and Saturday nights) with a guy I met online who traveled several hours to my city to meet after talking on the phone and e-mailing for a while. Date #1 was great - he seemed thrilled and made it clear that he was interested in building a relationship. Date #2 was confusing. He seemed a little distant at times and complained about a few trivial things unrelated to me (like not getting much sleep after date #1 the night before, the food at dinner, etc.). That made me wonder whether he really wanted a second date, or was going on the second date because we had already planned two dates. Before we met, we had talked about an activity we both wanted to do, but that would be suitable for another time. So, to try and get a read, I asked him whether he still wanted to do the third activity and he said yes with a reasonable degree of enthusiasm (as opposed to hesitation). Then at the end, he made a comment that I blow hot and cold (which is what I think about him) and I couldn't tell what he wanted going forward - does he still want to build a relationship or not? So, I want to call and just ask him bluntly, but of course I cannot. What can I do, if anything, about this? It would be a shame if something with potential were to be lost because each of us thinks the other isn't interested.

Nothing - he'll contact you if he's still interested
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E-mail him without mentioning the date just to see how he reacts
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E-mail him and make it clear that you are still interested
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Call him and start out casually to see how he reacts
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What can I do about confusion over how the date ended?
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