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The one that got away?

So have you ever had that one person that "got away". Or thought to yourself, "what if I or we had taken it further than it went".

I used to work with this one girl, she was awesome in every way.

I had recently gotten out of a long relationship but didn't want to jump to a rebound. Not to mention the fact that she had a boyfriend of 2 years. sigh.

We had this chemistry, sexual tension, with each other and it was outstanding. We flirted all the time,she would tell me that if she didn't have a boyfriend she would totally date me, she told on of my best friends she wanted to sleep with me really badly and thought I was very attractive.

Yeah, see, that's all great...i loved that, I questioned what it was that was making her question her loyalty (not to her face in my mind). I had to find out what it was that made her intrigued by me and forget about her boyfriend, what it was he wasn't doing or what was missing from her relationship.

I have come to find that girls are all about options. The better option always wins. I, was that better option. I think that's why we had such a crazy strong connection. I know a lot of you will say "well if she does that to you now and you ended up dating, what makes you think she wouldn't do that to you" - well to you I say, good point...but if you feel that connection with someone isn't it worth the risk?

we still talk, now and then, not nearly as much as I'd like Ever since the place shut down, we've just been kinda like "hey what's up, how are you, what's new". I'm def not one of those guys to steal a girl away, but I feel as if, to me, she is the one that got away. I wouldn't think of ex girlfriends, I wouldn't think of any other girl for that matter, she was so much of what I wanted that it COULD have been great.

I'm not sure what I'm getting at here, other than looking for other peoples stories of how that one got away or if you've been in a situation where you wish you had done things differently. Taken charge more often, gone through with what you would have liked to accomplish.

Ever had that one that got away? Did you chase after them, did you fail? did you win? was it worth the shot?

Maybe I'm looking for an answer for myself, do I try to pursue this girl, make more "in person" appearances. I just am not sure what to do, I've been on and off with my ex and my friend brought up this "one that got away" and I started thinking, a lot. Do I go after her, or at least try to see where things could go, spark that attraction again, the tension. What would you recommend? Like I said I'm not a home wrecker, she certainly isn't engaged or married.

I dunno...

Any stories out there of success/failure of similar situations...advice on what I should do, take that chance or just let her go on...
The one that got away?
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