What Are the Awkward/Odd Quirks That You Love in a Man or Woman?

I believe that it is a decently large happening, that we all (consciously or subconsciously) melt over certain mannerisms, quirks, imperfections and oddities in personality (or physically.)

They could consist of crinkling their nose when smiling, freckles, running fingers through their hair, eternal rotation of their feet when sitting, laughing at the incorrect moments, a crooked nose, drumming their fingers, a particular twitch, a specific rhythmic way of speaking/drawl, and so on.

I have know this (incredibly prominent) attraction that I have for quite some time... what is it?

• Waddling.

In men.

Well, perhaps not "waddling" in the sense of a duck-- but a definite side-to-side swaying when he is walking. If he is a bit stockier, and possesses hair past his shoulders (which will fall in the motions of his gait)... it is even more perfect.

I suppose that shorter legs might play a role, too.

• Stuttering (to an extent) is also fairly alluring.

• Softly spoken, to an acceptable state.

Beyond that, I cannot seem to recall any others. There surely are more in existence, for me, though.

If you would like to, please feel welcome to list your own quirks.

I would have, but I find that it is difficult to name my own... usually true oddities in yourself may only be found by another individual.
What Are the Awkward/Odd Quirks That You Love in a Man or Woman?
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