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Should I tell him I like him again?

so this guy I like asked me out about a month ago and I know he likes me and yes we have dated before last year I told him no and I don't really know why and since about 2 to 3 times a week he tells me he really like me and that he's all ways had feelings for me and the feelings for me won't ever go away and he doesn't want me to get hurt and I think the reason I said no because all my friends thinks he ugly not there type and he annoying but I don't think he's ugly he's not the cutest but he is till cute and yes I do think he's annoying at times and sometimes that counter acts my feelings for him and I feel like I just want him to disappear but that hasn't happened in a long time an d recently I've been getting strong feelings for him I think its because now we have a class together so I see him ever day so should I tell him I like him again or what
Should I tell him I like him again?
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