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Ex boyfriend sticky situation, torn apart...need advice

My boyfriend and I of 2 years broke up 2 months ago, we had a great relationship, we were so in love with each other, our honey moon stage lasted for 2 years :) over the summer he's been talking a lot about marriage, and his family been calling me their daughter in law, then 2 months ago out nowhere he said he's not ready for the next move, and is not ready for us right now, that he's never been single and feels like he needs to be before he can make the next move, but loves me to death and it kills him to do this...weve been talking here and there, his family asked me out to dinner a few weeks ago ... yesterday I agreed to go only if he wouldn't go because it hurts, but he texted me saying that he wants to see me as well and speak to me. It was very painful to be with all of them again, after dinner we hung around it made me smile tha all our pictures were still hanging in his room, then I left and he texted me asking me to please come back and sleep there, so I did because I know we still love each other, then we had sex like in movies very emotional and passionate we were making out the entire time and couldn't stop haha...then he held me the whole night, in the morning he kissed me a few times before leaving to go to work...and now ofcourse I'm devastated again, we didn't talk about us, I only spoke to his parents in the morning before I left, and they're still very hurt by all of this as well...what should I do? Should I bring up the break up or leave it to him to bring it up?
Ex boyfriend sticky situation, torn apart...need advice
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