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Never told him I liked him :'(

theirs this guy, I never told him I liked him :'( him and I bonded while we were snowboarding, we clicked atomaticaly! almost a month after the season ended he gave me his number, we texted everyday, he would always text me at work and our convos lasted the whole night, I moved 2 hours away but the texting didn't stop, but he got a girlfriend begining of August, we went kayaking later in August because I really needed to see him, but the night following, the kayaking, hanging around the campfire laughing and talking, after he went home I cried myself to sleep. my heart is really broken and I keep thinking he's the only one for me, we are completely alike we snowboard, we have huge futures planned and we want to travel the world after high school. I'm scared that I've completely lost him and I really want him back, we can still have hours long convos but its not the same :/ I have no idea what I'm doing! I still think about him everyday and its killing me..
Never told him I liked him :'(
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