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What if you were completely WRONG?

So you have a crush on someone and while they've never come out and told you how they feel, you thiiinnkkk they possibly like you too :-I soooOOOoo how often do you think we assume or imagine that someone likes us back? if neither one of you breaks the ice, what if it's all in your head? This is a bit of an odd question but I thought I'd ask it because there have been a few people in my life that I've liked and thought they might have liked me (I have lots of reasons to believe they did but I guess you can never be too sure unless they say so) but things never came to the surface or one of us moved away or whatever..So, do you think you've done this? because the other person never admitted to liking you..you might have imagined they did? wouldn't you feel like a complete idiot if you were wrong? lol
What if you were completely WRONG?
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