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Why can't I find a girl?

Why it is so hard to find someone? In my life, there were 2 girls & both situations ended with fail. And after 3 years of loneliness, finally I found girl who I liked. and what happened? She doesn't like me. I'm fed up with my friends statements that everything gonna be okay & I'll find someone when it's time & etc... They are like robots. I hate this. When I like someone she is either married, or have boyfriend, or doesn't like me... It's always the same. No luck! Living in loneliness is such a tragedy :( . I forgot how is when you hug or kiss someone. Sometimes, I think I'm a ghost. No one notices me. I think I will end up my life alone. All hope died. I think I have depression. These days I only feel better when I drink. If I could disappear I would do that. Thanks for reading this.
Why can't I find a girl?
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