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Ladies would you say my friend was flirting?

I took a few college classes with this girl and we were hanging out as friends and studying together. Two years later we happened to meet in Japan (I live here now). I heard her voice from behind "someone's got buffed up". When my girlfriend was out of the room (friend hadn't met her yet) she asked what I had been up to and gave me a slightly long hug. My girlfriend is very shy around new people so I introduced her as my girlfriend, at which point my friend got a weird expression on her face for a few moments. When my girlfriend got up from the hot tub and went to the restroom, my friend and I were briefly alone and she made a comment that usually only the "short nerds or guys with kid d***s" go after the Japanese guys and asked me what my excuse was. She told me that she thought my girlfriend had a really sexy body but an 'average' face and asked how long we'd been dating. I said a month and she said "Oh that's not too serious". My girlfriend was slightly bothered and asked if I had sex with this girl before and if she was an ex-girlfriend. One of her friends told her that my friend had been acting weird, which she sort of was.

I gave her my phone number and parted ways. Then she sent the Facebook message "Hey it was nice to see you again! We should catch up at my place sometime I live nearby". Weird part is I didn't tell her where I lived in Tokyo, she happened across that from my Japanese friends.

What's the best way to handle this situation? Was my friend really just trying to catch up with old times? I'm really bad at reading women's advances.
Ladies would you say my friend was flirting?
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