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I'll never let go, I love her too much, she just wants to be friends

My friend, who is a girl, and i, have known each other for 2 years, at first, we were just friends, almost like siblings. However few months ago, I don't know what happened.i fell in love with her. everything about her, from the way she looked, talked, texted, smiled, it was just perfect to me. I started trying my best to win her heart without being needy. finally I told her straight up how I truly felt about her. she paused, and told me all she ever wanted was for us to be friends, she started shedding tears in front of me, before walking away. we did not talk for a few months after that, it was the most painful moment of my entire life. as we were in the same class in school, I would see her everyday. my heart skipped a beat every time I see her. it was painful, having to ignore her like that. just a few days ago, during our prom night, something happened, she looked stunning, and she walked over to me, apologising, I could not believe it, I told her it was not her fault, it was never. we became good friends again. I told her that I still had feelings for her but I was going to make it dissapear, for our friendship's sake. I was lying. I can never let go, the tender moments we spent together. she's migrating to Australia in 6 months, I still picture in my head us being together till the day she leaves, when I kiss her soft lips, as tears poured down our faces. that will never go away. I'm really in quite a bad state, where I'm hiding all this inside, away from her. I really need to make all this go away. at the moment, we're still friends, and I still love her. somebody please, help me. all advice is appreciated, thanks ;)
I'll never let go, I love her too much, she just wants to be friends
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