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Should I be the turtle or the hare?

I like this girl that I sing with at my college she just got out of a two year relationship, so I've been flirting with her and she responds with playful flirting I believe she digs me because she connects with me differently then she does with the my other guy friends when we go out and bud pointed it out to she's more touchy and open you can say. There's only one problem I've been trying to take it slow, (to elaborate like eating out in groups and going out to drink with friends. The only time I've had some alone time are in the practice rooms in school were shell sing something for me or well sing together.) I don't want to be the rebound guy because I desire a relationship with her but I may have been taking to long because now this other hot guido type dude and her have been talking, and I know she's really attracted to him on the physical but I don't know I think there's something there between her and I...I'm just not sure if I should keep it slow like maybe after one more group activity I ask her to hang just me and her or If I need to man up and ask her out the next time I see her?...I'm kinda shy and never really ask girls on dates often unless its set in stone that they dig me so I appreciate the help.
Should I be the turtle or the hare?
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