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My complicated-neighbor-blind-crush?

Hi, I've never really noticed any neighbor around till the day I saw my "particular " neighbor .. I secretly developed a crush on him , then I knew he noticed me too , I am just always too shy and don't show any hints .. he still don't know I like him , though .

i gathered some info. from my high school friends who noticed him 2 years ago ! ( he is MY neighbor and I don't get to notice him up until now ! so unfair ) .. his parents are believed to be dead or divorced and he is living with his grandparents , a brother and a sister .. I am 18 and he is around the age of 21-22 , thing is I never did see him he lives in the building in front of mine but I am in the 5th floor and he is in the 1st one so it's pretty much a long distance ..

i am sure he somehow like me too,though .. I see him almost daily peeking behind his window blinds I pretend to be busy but then turn my head quickly in his direction and suddenly his window is closed ..

i also happen to be unlucky .. whenever I am in the street and he is around sth urgent happen and I can't see him properly :( it's a complicated -neighbor-blind-crush .. please help me out
My complicated-neighbor-blind-crush?
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