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How should ask her out?

So I was going for a run with this chick from the gym. She was talking to me and I was flirting and she was loling a lot at what I was saying. She was hitting me for telling that to watch out for that dog it’s going to bite her ass. Because she was saying about how a dog bite her on her ass before. But she can’t swim or ride a bike and she was saying about how she was wanting to learn them. Should I ask her out to a pool or something like indoor rock climbing?

There were bigger dogs so she was running near me, because she was scare so I about and put my arm about her and ask her if she was OK in a joking way. She did not push me away she was smiling that’s good right?

She was calling me a bitch and a cow. There were cows where I was running, what does it mean?

She was saying how she was pretty, so I told her to stop lying. She was shock at what I told her she had a wow look on her face, should I told her that she pretty?

sorry about the spell checker if my spelling is bad.

How should ask her out?
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