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Am I just imagining this?

So weeks ago we were playing truth or dare and I got dared to kiss my crush on the lips for one whole minute an I did and he made a move and we started making out. It was amazing. He told his best friend he loved it wish I hadn't pulled away and that he could do it again. few days later we were talking and I was hinting I liked him and he was like it was only a dare and we both agreed to just be friends then he is still telling his friend he likes me, he then asks another girl to homecomming but he doesn't like her and says how much he cnt stand her the entire time to his guy friend he also told his friend I looked really pretty at homecoming then he tells me I don't like you I like kate aka the girl he was with at homecoming and then him and kate never talk again and we continue flirting we go ice skating and he acts super weird around me and then I was texting him a week later and I was like I'm into you dumbass and he goes I really don't see us as ever being anything more then friends. all the girls he ever dates are so not attractive. me and him have so much in common and I know I'm pretty and I know he knows I'm pretty. what is his deal? PLEASE HELP! this has been going on forever!
Am I just imagining this?
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