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Too afraid to jump. Any advice?

Okay so I'm a senior now and still a No Boyfriend Since Birth gal. I have been liked by many guys- not to brag just explaining- but every time they get close, I turn away and try to reject. I know that I sound weird to say that I think, in the past, I wasn't ready. But now I think I am. There's this guy who told my friend to set us up. when my friend consulted me, I just laughed it off. But I was really curious. I didn't reject the guy nor lead him on. You see, this guy and I are only acquaintances. This situation was over a month ago. Now I'm not even sure if he still likes me, but I know I'm into him. And I even think that my friend likes him and is trying to set him up with herself because she keeps on telling me things that she thinks will make me not like the guy. Oh and one more thing, I don't tell my friends who I like. I just don't like sharing my emotions and being vulnerable. I'm in rut right now. I could use some advice. :)
Too afraid to jump. Any advice?
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