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Where do I stand with this girl?

Right I've met this girl a few months ago, we spent pretty much everyday together, she went on holiday with her friends and done nothing but text and call while she was away, when she returned she told me she loved me, and I told her because I do, I don't know what it is about her but she literally rocks my world I've known her for over a year now but we've only just hit it off Because she had a fella. Anyway couple of weeks ago she went out with her friends from work (she's the only girl) and didn't get back in until the next morning, she then spent the day in bed doing a lot of "thinkin" and has said she wants us to spend less time together Because she dunt want to rush things, which I fully understood because I was kinda thinking the same thing. Since then she's hardly messaged me I've seen her once I can't help thinking something happened with someone that night she went out, I'm mithered but not in a way because were not "exclusive" but Friday night I was out with my mates and she was too she messaged saying she was going bed can't be arsed going out. I messaged back and seen she'd read my message so thought id phone her., only some guy answered and she was at a party. I was f***ing fuming and rang her a good few times to try and speak with her, needless to say she turned her phone of. Now she's pissed at me for phoning her that much saying I'm being needy, I've told her I just want to know where I stand with her, she doesn't seem to want to make plans to see me but when I ask if she wants to or not she says she does, I really don't know what's going on with us and she won't open up, am I trying to flog a dead donkey by staying around or should I just f*** it off? Please help
Where do I stand with this girl?
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