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Is she still interested or just playing mind games?

And there I saw this girl in my office. It was my first day to my first job. She started looking at me from the first day and continued till some days. Usually I'm very choosy about girls and that's y I havn't dated any girl till now. But then I thought to pick this one as she is veryy pretty and beautiful. So I started normal conversations and we began to text each other. After a month or long she just got another good job and left. After that now she is ignoring me. don't know y is she doing this to me I tried too many things to grab her attention but she didn't reply till 15 days. After that t I texted her & asked whether she is there...she said yes & we start chatting but it felt like it was only me texting her, she replied late & very short. don't know what's wrong me or this girl. I really miss her a lot in office & as well when 'm free. Now yesterday she text me a double meaning quote which obviously was not vulgar but important is she text me after 20 days. Meanwhile I did not text or call her any more after that late reply incident I'd mentioned above. What you girls think why she is doing this to me? I mean I marked too many signs that she was interested in me even my friends noticed that she was staring at me. Is she still interested in me or just playing mind games? NEED IMMEDIATE HELP...
Is she still interested or just playing mind games?
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