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An innocent love story... or close friends?

I'm in my senior year in high school and I just met someone who is in his junior year. We met through other friends. It's been 3 months since we met and his group of friends hangs out with mine were together all the time. We end up alone because everyone leaves early and so we got closer.

I started to like him. I don't even know why I just really love who he is. I think he might like me too, but I'm not sure. First I have to say he's not the physical type I've never seen him hug anyone and the one time I saw a girl hug him he just stood there.

It's just tiny little things, he does that makes me think he likes me. He's also not affectionate with others. And he only does these things when we are alone.

One time he told me my hand was warm and I said okay, but he said it a couple of times so I got a bit self conscious and asked him if it was too hot and he said no and paused for a while and said it was cozy.

Another time we went to the park and we were just relaxing it was getting pretty late then some people came and we got really quite and just stood. He reached out his hand and just held it out and I asked what a couple of times, but he justed moved it around and then finally I reached out and he just held my hand.

After that another day we just started to play a game. I used it as an excuse to touch his face, but then he touched mine too and said it was soft. Now really I don't want to make myself believe he likes me, but would he really just touch me just like that when I don't see him touch anyone ever ever?

There's also this one thing. One time a guy friend saw me and he's the type that hugs and plays around and he started doing that with me. The friend I have a crush on just started doing weird random things like he planked on the table and he started playing with a chair. My friends said he was jealous, but I'm not sure.

Recently we just sat and held hands and played around with them while listening to mellow love songs. I know some would say it means nothing, but I thin it's like really innocent love. Were both not the type that would be all over each other in public. I don't even feel the need to kis him because I'm so happy just being with him and my chest gets tight just being in the same room as him. I don't know if he likes me, but based on what I've said what do you think?
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An innocent love story... or close friends?
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