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Is this an excuse or does he really mean it?

I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months, the first month and half was great, we got along real well, we texted non-stop, talked on the phone, he was really into me, I could tell.

But recently, the past 2 weeks, he has been acting strange, he stopped making an effort, and I wasn't feeling the same amount of interest I was before, something was off.

Finally I have decided to call him on it, I told him to just be honest.

He said that he doesn't think that he is a good with me because we have 2 different ideas of what we want in our life right now, he then said he needs to figure himself out before he can figure anybody else out.

He wants to be in the entertainment world, I get he's busy, he will most likely have to move out of our town to get where he wants to go, is that why he doesn't want to get close?

Did he really mean what he said or was he just trying to put me down nicely.
Is this an excuse or does he really mean it?
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