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Would it be awkward/weird to tell this guy I like him...?

So there's this guy - let's call him John. He & I have been talking for over a month now - not every day for hours, just every few days for maybe a half hour through texting. He has, I suppose, flirted with me. And there's a rumor in school going around that he likes me. I don't usually believe random rumors that just float around the hallways, but with this one I can't help but hope that it's true because I like him, too. The only problem is that he's kind of sending me mixed signals. One day he's 'flirting' & the next he's kind of cold & distant. I really can't figure out if he's actually looking to go out with me sometime, or if he just get's bored and decides to talk to me because he has nothing else to do. He hasn't texted me since Friday (today is Monday) & I really just don't know what to do. I don't know if I should text him and straight up say, "hey, so I just wanna be honest and tell you I like you." or if I should wait a while to see how things develop between us. I don't want to seem clingy, awkward, or desperate. Please just help me on this.

Thanks. <3
Would it be awkward/weird to tell this guy I like him...?
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