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Do I have a chance after their relationship?

well my ex (tom) is my one of my 2 best friends (we broke up 2 and a half year ago when we were only 16). I was with another guy for more then one year but one and a half months ago we broke up...after that tom acted really flirty sometimes and we write everyday on Facebook but I know he was making our with another girl. although he was still flirty but I had a strange feeling and asked him if there are in a relationship and he said they wanted to give it a try but she knows that we write a lot and that this wouldn't change even if he is in a relationship with her and that he need my friendship to be happy. OK the problem

is I'd like tom also as my boyfriend...since I am sure that they won't marry do you think I could have a chance after this relationship or do you think I am in his "we are only friends" box already?

i also have to say that ever single guy with who I was good friends with fell in love with me (just one but this one is gay)

and no I won't mess with there relationship!
Do I have a chance after their relationship?
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