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Does not showing affection mean he doesn't love me?

Hi guys!I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 yrs. About 6 months ago he finally said I love you first! Sigh of relief…I, like most girls, am very attentive and affectionate. I hug him and kiss him all the time. I tell him I love him and try to do sweet things for him all the time. I am very attentive to when he's tired I rub his feet or give him a massages...for example for our anniversary that's coming up I bought him tickets to go see Robing Thicke, who he loves. He's not as attentive with me as I am with him..is this a guys thing or does he just not care... On our days off he does make me breakfast. In the beginning he planned surprise dates, bough me flowers etc.

I just want to feel like I mean something to him...we do laugh when we're together and hardly argue. Do guys just show affection in another way...or am I being to dramatic? I do these nice things without expecting anything in return but sometimes you just gotta hear it ya know. When he does say I love you its rare...What can I do to not feel like this and am I reading to much into this?
Does not showing affection mean he doesn't love me?
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