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Why is he hot & cold with me?

I've known this guy (lets call him Tim(not his real name) for about 3 years... Our lockers are close by, were not really friends (as in we don't hang out together) but about a month ago I noticed intense staring and flirting.

When Tim was "influenced" he approached me and my friend and started talking to us at lunch(he never talks to me around other people) at that point I knew for a fact that he liked me. Tim got kind of quiet after that, and I'm not sure if he remembers doing that. He also goes through these weird hot/cold phases with me where he flirts and talks to me almost non-stop one day, and almost no contact on the next day.

2 days ago I'm almost positive he was trying to ask me out, he tried to ask me something, and quickly responded with never mind and started blushing. Today he barely talked to me.

I used to catch him checking me out in the halls, and for the past week, when I see Tim, he just "poker faces".

why does he play hot/cold?

is he just nervous?

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i think he may of liked me last year too... I would catch him staring at me, but I didn't think anything of it.
Why is he hot & cold with me?
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