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Does he still like me? I'm so confused.. please help!

i really liked this guy and he really liked me but I went to Italy for the year so he started dating other girls, and now I came back early after 3 months because I kept getting sick and didn't like it. now I don't know if he will like me because he might already be in a serious relationship with someone else...what should I do? I need an excuse to see him again without sounding like I like him. and he's best friends with my brother.

also while I was in Italy and was getting sick a lot so my other brother who isn't close with him asked him to speak with me over the phone, because maybe its from homesickness.. and the guy I like is a psychologist. but then my brother had to go quickly. The guy I like never called back to speak about it or ask if I was okay. even though my brother called him he didn't pick up or call back that one time after they spoke. and now its been 2 weeks and I am scared that he thinks that my brother was lying or making a stupid excuse to speak with me. what should I do?

sorry if its a lot
Does he still like me? I'm so confused.. please help!
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