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What do I do with my huge crush on this guy!? In college.

I am a freshman in college and I have a huge crush on this sophomore in college I always see around the dining hall, pretty much everyday. My school is pretty small so I see him quite frequently. I first noticed him because he would look at me, than I realized that I think he is very sexy. He is exactly my type. The only guy I've been that attracted to is my ex-boyfriend. I found him on Facebook (through some creepy stalking, I admit) and I sent him a friend request and he accepted. Ever since we've kind of been smiling at each other and stuff, but we do not talk...we pretty much have no mutual friends who could introduce us to each other but I haven't felt an attraction this strong in two years. We have a bunch of similar interests and even live in neighboring towns back home. I am dying to talk to him cause I just know that there would be a connection but I feel too creepy to do it in person, I have much more confidence online through a FB message but is that too creepy? I need advice!
What do I do with my huge crush on this guy!? In college.
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