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Should I just leave him alone?

I met a guy about two or three months ago and I liked him but I had a boyfriend. Well me and my boyfriend broke up a few weeks after I met this guy (for other reasons lol) and as soon as I was single he asked me out. I told him no because it was too soon, even though I liked him. Well 2 weeks after that he asked me again and I had to say no again because it still was too soon for me and I think I hurt his feelings because now he has backed off a lot from calling me and texting me, we hardly hang out now. Well now that it has been about 2 months since me and my boyfriend broke up I want to start at least going on dates with this guy but now he is really distant and I have a feeling he is talking to another girl too. I don't know whether to try and start talking to him again now that I am ready or to just let him start a relationship with this new girl. Did I miss my chance or was I right to wait before starting up the whole dating thing again? Advice please!
Should I just leave him alone?
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