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I like my TA from University. Should I leave it or not?

So I kinda like my TA from University. We hung out a bit last year, but then he said we couldn't see each other anymore. I met him at the start of this school year again and didn't know what to do. When he asked if I wanted to grab coffee or lunch sometime, I said I don't know because I wanted to play hard to get and I legit didn't know what to do. I never got a text and lo and behold he's my TA for one of my classes-awkward.

Things were okay, and then after Halloween, my friend and I were talking about it and she said she saw me making out with a guy, and I'm scared my TA heard. Since then he's flirted with me, but a little more with this other girl :(

I am done my labs now, and I don't have his number but he has mine. I was really sad when labs ended cause I couldn't joke around anymore and see him. So anyways, I have his email, but I don't want to use it because when I emailed him at start of the year on how to do a lab report I asked him that we should hang out sometime, but he never replied back to the hanging out part.

I don't know what to do, I'm heading into finals and I'm so stressed from school and my "friends" stabbing me in the back, worried about Christmas presents I got for these bitches, and what should I do about him.

I'm tempted to just leave it because I don't want to ask again and get hurt again like I did last year. Would you just leave it and see? I'm pretty shy and I don't want to look stupid, I've been talking with a friend of his, but I'm scared his friend thinks I'm weird or something, ha ha.
I like my TA from University. Should I leave it or not?
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