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Help me please !(; Any advice is appreciated!

I met Dave at a school event in April of 2010, Dave had just dated one of my then mutual friends, now best friends. I've had a crush on him ever since, not knowing how he felt because about 2 weeks after I met him he started dating Annie, Annie and Dave have been dating ever since. Dave and I talk occasionally (probably once every 2 weeks). Annie has talked a whole lot of crap about me because she suspects something is going on between Dave and I. This past summer Dave and I realized that we both go boating on the same lake in Wisconsin and starting meeting up with each other while we were up there for the weekend. Dave and I have always been flirty but I never did anything about it because I knew he and Annie had been dating for over a year and he must be serious about her, although problems between annie and I Haven't gotten any better. He told her to stop talking crap about me but every time I see him or both of them together at school,Dave and I can't even aknowledge each other because Annie yells at him for even speaking ot me. This past weekend Dave and I had a chance to hang out, which is an extremely rare occasion and had also been texting me every night around 10:00 pm the past week. Things started off normal, we usually talk about pickup trucks and music, etc. Then he started getting flirty and started to do things that would be considered cheating on Annie, I stopped and confronted him about it and finally got the courage up to ask about Annie. Dave NEVER spoke of Annie while I was around, it was common knowledge she didn't like me and we couldn't aknowledge each other. He finally came to the explanation that he liked me but loved annie and explained that they were going to break up anyways when they went their seperate ways to college because 'she can't live without him for that long' and she would end it or it would just end mutually. I felt extremely bad and wouldn't do anything else with dave and told him once annie and him were done we would continue. I just don't know what to do about the situation.

Help me please !(; Any advice is appreciated!
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