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Is it really over? He's sending mixed signals

so I dated this guy for 2 years, we talked about marriage and kids and planned on getting engaged soon. so he was sort of shady towards the end of the relationship and we got into a huge fight and he broke up with me. I tried to make it work even thought he wanted to be done, and we officially stopped talking 3 months ago. we ran into each other at school and I ignored him and then he went out of his way to say hi to me after the fact as if he wanted me to know he was there. so of course this messed with me head, and I ended up calling him a couple weeks ago asking if this was really over and what not and he said yes, he never wanted anything to do with me ever again. however, when I said to him, "aren't you worried you're going to end up alone if you're not with me, because you know no one will love you like I do" and he said that its very possible that he will end up alone if he's with me but at least he'll be "happy." and he told me he never wants a relationship again and he's just going to have sex with girls from now on? awkward. anyways, a few days after this phone call, I find out that he's running his mouth to a guy I have been hanging out with lately, telling him he shouldn be with me cause I'm crazy and all this good stuff lol. so my question is, is it really over? it seems like he's jealous and he said he plans on being alone now. I wish he would come back but I'm not going to sit here and be miserable about it. I just don't understand because he told me never to speak to him again and he doesn't want me anymore, yet he doesn't want anyone else to have me either. so has anyone been through a situation like this? or guy, can you tell me what he's doing? thanks so much, I appreciate any feeback.
Is it really over? He's sending mixed signals
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