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Did I do enough to show I'm not interested?

This is not a 'Did I do the right thing to let him know I like him?' question but rather the opposite.

For about a year I've had a male boss. At first I thought he was being friendly but then things took on a more different tone. He would make comments, ask me personal information, roster me on his shifts and drop hints about him liking me,.

I responded by changing a topic about me onto him, ignoring the staring and changing my availability so I would rarely see him.

Anyway about a moonth ago he put in a transfer to another store and then went around saying "(my name) f***ing hates me and I don't know why!' and from what I hear he was quite upset about it. (It should be noted that other people hate him and he doesn't care)

So when I heard this from my colleague, I decided to admit I hate him for it to travel through the grapevine and get to him. Just to help the idea that I have no interest in him.

The next time I saw him after I put this admission out there, his demeanor was very hurt and his voice is kind of sad when talking to me.

I worked with him last night and he seemed to bounce back a little although he did kind of orient around me still. I normally wouldn't work Thursdays and it would have been the last time I would have seen him had I not taken an extra shift tomorrow (on his last day).

When he found out I was working, he asked if I would stay back until closing time which I said I couldn't.

Anyway, have I done enough to tell him I'm not interested without saying it aloud?

I feel I couldn't have been more clearer :S

Did I do enough to show I'm not interested?
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