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What can I do now with this guy?

There's this guy at my school. In two of my classes. He stares at me a lot. Today, we were switching seats in English and he sat next to me and my friend (who is a guy) and right in front of me. At the end of class we started talking but when I spoke, he wouldn't look at my eyes or my face, and when he did he'd quickly flinch away (or I would, because I like him too).

I don't know him well. But the problem is that he is friends with my friend, who's a guy, and who likes me and is asking me to go to hockey games and stuff with him, when I don't want to at all! I want to hang out with my crush!

Anyway, what should I do. Should I ask him questions? Should I act flirty and giggly when I talk to him? Should I smile at him? Please help, I like him and want to become friends with him or .. something. :)
What can I do now with this guy?
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