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What on earth goes next?

Okay, so I was with my class on a trip to the beach, and on the first night I slept with this guy. He had been flirting with me for a while, and I have liked him for a long time. I know usually sleeping with someone is not the best way of getting into a relationship (or however one says it, I'm costa rican, English is not really my thing), but, well... we were pretty much epically stoned an it just kind of happened. I don't regret it, I'm not that kind of a person. But I actually really like him and this is just absurd.

See, this class trip was pretty much an orgy (it was an all inclusive, we were drunk/stoned 24/7) so I made out with another random guy id never seen before (the next night that is) and the following day he was ignoring me and glaring at me the whole time. And if there's one thing I hate, its being ignored, I feel like I'm freezing inside. And he is excellent at ignoring people. So that night he tried to "get" another girl, he didn't make it, and he got even more mad at me. He kept saying "damn, I wanted monika (not her real name), she's so hot.. etc" always when I was around. A few days later, all of a sudden he started flirting with me again, just to end up making out with another girl (ive never liked her and he knows it). Now the making-out-with-random-people stopped from both sides. I don't know why he doesn't, but I don't because I'm scared that he might be doing it BECAUSE I DO IT (?). I know that sounds paranoid. And maybe I shouldn't focus everything so much on myself... But this is why I'm asking around here.

I don't understand absolutely anything, I don't know if he did all of that on purpose, or if it just happened and he didn't really think of me.

I want him, in every way ;) , and I don't know if all of the above were just coincidences or not.

Tonight there's a class party, and I want to call his attention somehow, I just don't know how. This whole issue is driving me mad.

GUYS, could someone tell me/give me a hint of what might be going on in his head?

fellow GIRLS, what would you do in my case?
What on earth goes next?
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