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Why does he like holding my hand?

So I'm into this guy and most of the time he likes to hold my hand for no reason what so ever. Let's say we are in class, he sits in front of me sometimes (most of the time) he would put his hand on my desk and leave it out and wait for me to give me my hand. (I don't give it all the time) Or if my hands on my desk he would put his hand over mine or he would start patting it and so on. Sometimes he would intertwine his fingers with mine. He just generally likes to hold mt hand. The thing is though I do not think he is into me because firstly, he talks about other girls secondly, we don't text often unless I text him. We talk in school a lot and joke around. The only downfall is that he is a big flirt and he could possibly do this to other girls too. But in the classes that I'm in with him he only does it to me. What do you guys think?
Why does he like holding my hand?
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